Top 4 Best Apps for Productivity and Time Management

Top 4 Best Apps for Productivity and Time Management


Why rely on your morning cup of coffee for self-productivity? Scientists say that drinking a cup of coffee every morning can actually be counter-productive to your working day. So then, where do you turn? We have some solutions.

#1. Todoist

Management of tasks becoming an issue with your ever-growing list? We’ve found the one for you.

Todoist is, you guessed it, a to do list – but much more than that, speaking from much loved personal experience here.

Creating tasks, prioritising, making deadlines, setting goals and tracking progress just became a whole lot easier with this bundle of usefulness. Not always having to rely solely on your memory or losing that piece of paper with your tasks list on it really is a weight lifted off of your mind.

Compatible with: iOs, Android and online

Price: FREE (Premium version available)

#2. FocusList

Is time management your problem?

FocusList pushes you to thrive through your workload for 25 minutes at a time, before taking a short 5-minute break in between in order to rest your mind.

The app will track your efforts and build up a work-log tailored and personalised to you, of which the data can then be held in comparison to previous days, therefore making it possible for you to self-evaluate your performance.

Your performance is the driving force for better productivity in this tool.

Compatible with: iOS

Price: £2.99

#3. Flora

What if you could plant seeds every time you hit a goal without becoming distracted, and could watch your own productivity forest grow? Oh, well, what do you know? You can.

It’s news to nobody that your phone hinders your productivity workflow. Every message, every notification, those 6 inches of temptation will draw you in.

The purpose of this app is to set a timer and plant a ‘digital seed’ that will grow into a tree as you work continuously without disturbing the app. If you exit before the time is up, you kill the tree. Slightly distressing, right? But it works.

Are you productive enough to grow a forest?

Compatible with: iOS, Android

Price: FREE

#4. Google Drive

What is the quickest way to organise, edit and share your files? Offering up to 15 gigabytes of storage space for your data, Google Drive is definitely a strong contender to increase your productivity.

Using this online software, you can store important files, documents, pictures and everything else that you regularly store onto your computer. Its cloud computing technology means that you can access this from anywhere that has WiFi. So, good news, if your laptop breaks, you won’t lose your files.

You can also create Word, Excel, Slideshow and many more documents of which you can share with your colleagues and peers via or link, or share directly with your peer’s Google account and they can edit it too, meaning you can work together on a document without having to send back and forth.


Even with the additional help of all the above resources, self-discipline really what many of these apps teach. Whilst these tools may aid you to have a positive growth on your output, keeping a healthy mind, body and routine is essential to bettering your career.


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