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VoIP stands for voice over Internet Protocol, also known as internet telephony, IP telephony, or broadband phone. Read out guide to VoIP to find out more about how it works.

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There are a number of advantages that business VoIP provide. VoIP cloud based phone systems lower call costs by up to 40% making it an affordable option for any size business. With VoIP calls are made digitally using your computer or device.

Making calls that don't use the traditional phone line means it is more flexible and affordable solution for businesses. Flexible and easy to manage, using VoIP solutions allow new users to be added to or removed at any time. Still not sure how it all works? Read our VoIP guide and we’ll take you through the basics.

Internet messaging apps including Facebook Messenger and Microsoft’s Skype use VoIP technology to make voice and video calls.


Are you a new business of you are moving to a new office?

If you are a new business or are about to move to a new office, then VoIP is the solution for you. The is the time go take advantage of setting up a completely new IT communications network. With all the newest features and significantly lower calling costs, there are great benefits for your business.


Upgrading your existing business communications

A VoIP phone can convert an audio signal to digital data. A traditional telephone can act as a VoIP phone when connected to analog telephone adapters (ATA) that perform the conversion. Adapters work over an IP network, connecting analogue phones and fax machines to a VoIP network. A great choice for any business with a set of analogue phones already at its disposal.


Upgrading your existing business communications

Modern hosted solutions use cloud servers to provide the connectivity needed to manage a site’s VoIP service. Changing the resources needed for the number of users required is a simple process of adding or subtracting cloud servers, or changing server settings. It also makes recovery from hardware failures fast and reliable.


Upgrading your existing business communications

Fibre optic internet services allow organizations to operate their own private network that connects disparate locations to the internet. These dedicated network connections are managed and maintained 24/7 by the service provider.


For VoIP on your computer, you will need a laptop or desktop computer with an internet connection, the right software, and either a headset or speakers and a microphone.


Traditional telephones can also be connected to a VoIP adapter that converts their calls to work over the internet. A VoIP phone can convert an audio signal to digital data. A traditional telephone can act as a VoIP phone when connected to analog telephone adapters (ATA) that perform the conversion. Adapters work over an IP network, connecting analogue phones and fax machines to a VoIP network.


A VoIP Phone may be the most obvious bit of hardware that you may need; these are phones designed specifically for VoIP networks, and come in a variety of formats. Whether they’re desktop, cordless or conference phones, you can guarantee on a stable, high-quality connection.


Headsets are better for clarity and sound quality, If you opt for a physical (on premise) PBX, you’ll need a location at your business to house the PBX, as well as actually purchasing the PBX.


VOIP for business is becoming the standard. The flexibility and low cost of calls allows businesses to improve on their communications. Service providers offer uptime guarantees so that you can be assured of minimal disruption.

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